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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review: Iron Curtain - Guilty As Charged

Iron Curtain’s third full-length release was one of my most anticipated albums of 2016. Their previous records, ‘’Road to Hell’’ and ‘’Jaguar Spirit’’, are among my favorite in this new generation of old school heavy metal bands, so I had a lot of high expectations for ‘’Guilty as Charged’’. The amazing artwork also played its part in getting me excited to listen to what these Spanish metalheads had in stock for us.

‘Into the Fire’ opens the album in an excellent fashion. Strong, fast and raw, yet showing the best sound quality the band presented in their career. Singer Mike Leprosy’s Spanish accent is really present in ‘Lion’s Breath’, and it adds an identity to the sound. I really like when I can tell where the band came from even though they sing in English. ‘Take it Back’ is another fast song with a chorus I think is going to work well with the audience on live shows. Relentless brings Motörhead’s influence to the album, though there’s also a hard rock feel on it. Great song!

Speed metal riffs are back with ‘Iron Price’, one of the strongest songs in the entire album. The guitar work was great so far, but Miguel Angel “El Cachorro” Lopez’s guitar solo in ‘Outlaw’ is insane. Wow! ‘Wild and Rebel’ was the first single released from ‘’Guilty as Charged’’. Good choice! A nice and catchy song, though not showing the album’s full potential. El Cachorro continues the amazing guitar work on the title track, specially its two minutes long guitar solo. ‘Turn the Hell On’ closes the record and should be a good option to close the concert as well, as it has a very festive atmosphere.

It’s difficult to tell if ‘’Guilty as Charged’’ is Iron Curtain’s best album, because all their records are equally strong. In my opinion, it is slightly better than both previous records, but only by a little margin. What is easy to say is that these Spanish guys have put their band on the market as one of essential new bands to look for if you are an old school heavy metal fan.

01. Into The Fire
02. Lion's Breath
03. Take It Back
04. Relentless
05. Iron Price
06. Outlaw
07. Wild & Rebel
08. Guilty As Charged
09. Turn The Hell On

Mike Leprosy – vocals, guitar
Joserra – bass
Alberto – drums
Cachorro - guitar

Written by Anderson Tiago

Iron Curtain Official Website
Iron Curtain Facebook

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