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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: Hypersonic - Existentia

Hypersonic is a symphonic power metal band from Italy. This is their second full-length album called "Existentia". In January 2016 the band signed a record deal with Revalve Records for the releasing of this new album. The new album is a concept based on the existence of man and the spiritual affairs of the afterlife. This album came out May 13th 2016.

Onto this album: The first song is an epic intro, sweeping guitars and cinematics. It works well together for the first impression on this album. Then it comes to a very catchy chorus, the vocals are very clean and it represents Hypersonic well. The song "The Eyes of the Wolf" is a more high paced song, letting you see some more of the power metal side. "Living in the Light" starts off with a nice piano/guitar piece, after which the drums kicks in and speeds up the song. In the middle you keep head banging with the guitar riffs and drums, very rhythmic. The song "God's Justice" starts cinematically with the male vocals then immediately the power kicks in. The vocals go very well with this high speed song, such as the slower paced middle sections. "The Meaning of... (...Existence)" is by far the longest song on this album (9.37 min) long. It starts slow almost silent around 2.56 min the pace kicks in. It's a good ending song with the slow and high paced parts.

This is one strong album; the keyboardist is a big star along with the vocalist. If you like symphonic with power metal Existentia is an album for you, just give them a try.

Track list:
1. The first sound of life
2. The eyes of the wolf
3. As an angel
4. Blind sins
5. Living in the light
6. Embrace me
7. Love is pain
8. God's justice
9. Life'n death
10. Pilgrim's path
11. Prayer in the dark
12. The meaning of...(...existence)

Written by Nathasja Voerman

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