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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review: Everything Behind - Man From Elsewhere

Outstanding! A phenomenal effort by the Parisian quintet, dubbed ‘MetalCore’ or ‘Alternative’. The intricate arrangements, mix of gutturals and angelic vox, point to progressive for me as the 4-minute+ songs lend themselves to a ‘Dream Theatre’, ‘Into Eternity’ realm.

They are new to me, so I don’t know if the singer is ‘Chris He’ (website) or ‘Chris Killin’ (FB) – same person, I’m assuming as I’m sure there is a story there?

From the opening pling-plings of ‘Hopes Run Away’ and the amazing vox at about: 48 seconds in and later at about 2:16, this song rules in many ways. A very impressive, mature sound and excellent production where nothing sounds mismatched or outweighed.

The rest of the album is similar and more intricate. The soft beginnings of ‘Welcome to the End’ belie the power of the rest of the song; hammering drums and crunching guitars with an amazing bass line.

The ‘anguish’ song, ‘Will You Let Love’ is beautifully written and you can feel the hopelessness and hope, in it.

‘13.11.15’. I love instrumentals and this is a testament to a prog-metal band including one somewhere on the record. This is moody, atmospheric, with heavy fills and builds perfectly. I would look for this in concert to be a major jam session.

‘Reborn’ and the title track ‘Man From Elsewhere’ could easily be combined into a giant epic song, I think. I wish the entire title track song was sung in the key hit at 2:20; chills to be sure. Great guitar riffing all the way through and the necessary fare of double-tap bass pedals are heard at just the right junctures.

Now, why did they have to go and ruin my perfect rating with that crap FB imagery? A band’s impression is important with me and I do have a cat; but so do millions of others. This might be a turn off in this society of ‘image being everything and this shouldn’t affect my review, but they put it out there and so it is fair game and I will harpoon that.

I know, I know, it’s just artistry and probably doesn’t mean they hate or eat cats, but…


Written by Alessandro

Everything Behind Facebook

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