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Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Crystal Pyramid - Enter The Beyond

Very, very, veeerrry underground doom metal for my ears this time.

After I got the album in my inbox, I just went to Facebook to check out the band. I always like to look at the esthetic aspect of a band before I review them. I don’t exactly know why and it doesn’t affect my review. As I went through their Facebook page I noticed they only have 150 likes or so. I instantly thought: ‘’Wow, this is really new and underground’’ and became very excited to listen to the album.

I was kind of disappointed though, my expectations were probably a tad too high. I was hoping for some kind of change in this scene. I’ve been hoping that for a long time. Something innovating in the scene like for example Slabdragger do. Making slow riffs sounds monstrously raw and explosive.

Crystal Pyramid make doom metal like it has been done before so that’s kind of a pity. I’m not at all saying the album is bad in any way or form, because different aspects of the music are good, maybe even great.

Talking about good aspects of the music. I find the lyrics to be very creative for a doom metal band. Let’s not hide the fact that 90% of the doom bands make lyrics about death and apocalyptic visions. Crystal Pyramid really tries to tell a story in their lyrics. Very cleverly written and fitting in the music and it makes the listener feel a creative wind in their ears in the land of doom metal.

In general, their song titles fit the music and the lyrics and make me interested in the song behind it. As I already said, it is clever writing that does the trick here. The disappointment for me comes from the fact that the music itself is not very out of the box, which I expected/hoped for from this band.

A solid 7 for the effort and lyrical content.

Written by Joost van der Leij

Crystal Pyramid Facebook

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