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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: Cradle Of Filth - Dusk...And Her Embrace The Original Sin

After twenty years, CoF comes with the original ‘’Dusk...and her Embrace’’ album, as it should have been released back in the nineties. ‘’Dusk...and her Embrace’’ was released in 1996 and was remastered in 2012. But basically, it was never the album it was meant to be. Not everything that was meant to be on the album actually made it to the disk due to label-issues back in the time, and on the other side, not everything that was on the 1996 release is on ‘’The Original Sin’’.

Of course, the album starts with a creepy, instrumental song. Not 1996' Humana Inspired To Nightmare, but Macabre, This Baquet. Well basically, the whole tracklist is ordered different and some songs on the one disc are not here, and vice versa. So..maybe we can just say I will not compare both albums anymore? Okay, maybe just one thing: Where 1996's release gives me the feeling of being in a graveyard and hearing terrible noises coming from some tomb nearby, ‘’The Original Sin’’ makes me feel like being in that same graveyard, but hearing all the massacre taking place hardly one step away! The songs are clearer and harsher and that is CoF at its best. Part ultra dark and heavy, part melodic but always with haunting vocals/screams by master vampire Dani Filth. In that sense it is easy enough to say that the album is of a brutal beauty, like we would expect from a band that has been so defining for this type of music.

One great highlight is ‘’Funeral in Carpathia,’’ combining the afore mentioned, together with female vocals, dragging you into some vampiric ritual.

‘’Carmilla's Masque’’, previously only released as an additional song to the coffin box set, is a nice instrumental chiller for haunted dreams of suffering.

As other additions, ‘’A Gothic Beauty’’ and ‘’Noctural Supremacy’’ (previously only available in the leatherbound 'digibook') appear in Demotracks. In all honesty, I am never a big fan of demotracks, because mostly they only show the rough form of a song that the band obviously liked more in the more defined shape. The same goes for these two versions, although ‘Noctural Supremacy's demo version has a nice choir as introduction, that is missed in the albumversion.

Although at first glance one might think: oh God, a reissue...this album is quite a different take and should be taken on its own, even though a lot of songs are well known to fans. The versions on this album, plus the unknown songs give a new, fresh look on an album that has been collecting dust for the past twenty years and should have seen the light in those days. The bonus songs do not add a great thing, but are nice enough. If this album should be a taster of what is to come for Cradle of Filth, it tastes good!

Written by Martijn Bakker

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