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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review: Blunderbuss - Resurrection

Like an old blunderbuss, you have one shot so you need to make it count. If you miss, you are done, son! If it hits with that huge lead shot, it will do earthquake-level damage. These boys don’t miss and it hit me hard!

“…a TORONTO homicide detective…” cool! My city mentioned in the mid-song dialogue of ‘Cochonnaille’ (an assortment of pork/sausages served as a main course). Ha!

Their new 6 song EP “Resurrection” is full of atmospheric guitars and some great vocals. This leads into more great riffs and concert head-bobbing fare about 2:20 into ‘Jump’. With a lovely, moody album cover, this will rapidly be in my collection.

‘Vee Stoneheart’ kicks with catchy riffing and great musicianship. That riff reminds me old school Judas Priest, skillfully mixed in with good harmonies and alternative style sound. I can listen to this easily on the deck and as the minutes go by; this is becoming my favourite….Let’s see…. (Volume Up…)…….Yep. Favourite! Much of the swearing is meh, alright but artfully placed I suppose.

No, I was wrong. ‘Rap n Roll’ is now my favourite. Respect to those that can rap. I don’t care for it, (ok, except for Ice-T who is the coolest, he also is mentioned in the list of artists spat out in this song) but its best heard here. These lads impress me with this modern style of poetry and their style.

No, wrong again, ‘Stop It Now’ is now my favourite. Rocking and a sure concert chant.

Huff. No. ‘Last Day Before Resurrection IS my favourite’. High energy punk vibe and the fastest song of the record, I foresee mosh-pit madness live.

Everything here is highly reminiscent of Linkin Park with a dash of Limp Bizkit, clearly, but a very, very good homage to this youthful genre of Nu-Metal. I would dare to call it progressive even as the frenetic drums on almost every track and rapid pacing are challenging yet they make it work well.

Easily 9/10!

Written by Alessandro

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