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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Review: Andi The Wicked - Freak On Frets

Pretty ballsy to have a self titled record indicating you are ‘wicked’, but when you can play like this kid, you are fully entitled. In the wake of artists like Yngwie Malmsteen , Joe Satriani and Rik Emmett, Andi is on his way to full stardom. What a player.

I’m always amazed at virtuosos like this, starting at young ages with pianos and having a born talent for music and classical composition. ‘It Rocks’ should be the title of album. It truly does. Hammer-ons and fretwork for all abound.

Continual music like this is great for background while everyone is on your deck; provided they like good metal. 2:46 onward of ‘It Rocks’, rocks. Very nice arrangement and beats until close.

‘The Shark Song’ is just an all around smooth piece, and much like Satriani’s “Surfing with the Alien”, sounds like a frenetic encounter with a shark indeed. ‘Threat’ is anything but and is my favourite on this record. At 3:50 some smooth and rock, some soul and jazz mixed with vestiges of iron maiden and classic rock anthems, sliding in at 4:16. Outstanding.

‘Porn’. It doesn’t start off with that classic 70’s porn style guitar but with a fist-pumping ode to AC/DC, with his own original flair. From 0:00 – 00:35, I think this needs to be my ringtone! The rest does bang your ears with a nice fret-scial at the end…

The song ‘Classic’ is now starting to get to be too much. It’s fast, and all over the map and is slightly annoying to me, but what do I know; the playing is phenomenal.

The remainder of the album rocks out. ‘Heavy Funk’ plays well but gives me a little jolt of ‘Get The Funk Out’ by Extreme. (brrrr). It was surprising that came over me as I have not listened to that song in years but it played out alright at 2:32 with some nice fretwork and a great slow, power jam and fully redeemed itself from 3:20 on.

‘Damn Lick’ is just one damned long lick. Truly inspiring. I can’t say anything about this; I don’t play so what the hell do I know. I’d just sit and stare at the finger-walking in concert.

‘Bad in Bed’ is my second favourite. This immediately starts out with hammering UFO-like grind and keeps it going throughout. This song is great for the weight-room or jazz-room as it melts your head with licks at 3:46! One of the best closings I’ve ever heard. Playing this very loud now; hopefully Andi can autograph my copy of the eviction notice.

No choice. 10/10

Written by Alessandro

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