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Monday, September 19, 2016

Review: Aleska - S/T

While I am NOT a ‘Screamo’ or ‘Emo’ fan, this band hailing from Metz, France seems an up and comer. Their full length album was like wading through a sea of jet engines being fueled by barrels of broken glass, but I made it and I didn’t even get cut. Their self titled record will make some people happy/sad.

I am enthralled by their moody instrumental pieces but was thrown off and spilled my coffee when the Screamo part scared me at about 2:29 of ‘Instaurer le vide’. Yeah. No. They should have kept that instrumental going; great soundtrack piece and very effective.

‘Du gris au noir’ actually caught me a few times but was so vocal-heavy that the music was lost on me. Perhaps it was the production but it just grated on my nerves; the hollering, the messed up chords and then suddenly, mopey-sad-ass singing at 2:40...for a second, before being hammered with, not surprisingly, more screaming. Angry bunch of lads…From 4:22 onward it just became chaotic and sounded like Keith Moon destroying the Earth. I see the value in that jam for concert levels and foresee many people enjoying the spine-snapping freebies in mosh pits.

‘Du la cime au cimitere’ instantly assaults with power vox gone mad and super fast drums. While alternating speeds are ok, this song slams like none of the others and if I have to have a favourite, it’s this one.

‘Leaves, trees and me’. This was another fave of mine due to the progressive sound and potential. Instantly ruined at 5:20 by a spacing (production or artistry?) then more of this hollering. Agh. I turned it off, even though it was near the end.

The remainders of the songs have a good enough punk feel but that’s my holler-quota for the day. Even though I heard vestiges of Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and others, it won’t make my Mixtape, but for this sector of society, this album has a place to go and make more people mad or Emo or whatever kids are doing these days.


Written by Alessandro

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