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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Live review: I Declare War, Black Tongue, Aegaeon, A Night In Texas, Monasteries at Hall Of Fame, Tilburg, The Netherlands, August 28th 2016

Brutal, violent and crushing are the words that pop to mind when I think back to last sunday the 28th.

Tilburg's Hall Of Fame was packed with guests that were looking for the most violent way to spend their holy sunday. Well, they found it!

First two bands of the night were the bands Monasteries and A Night In Texas, which I’ve never had the pleasure of listening to.

Not much interesting for me though.

I actually came to see the headliners and Aegaeon in particular.

Aegaeon is a band that sticks out in the deathcore scene because of their complexity. Fuse a lot of technical riffs and jazz and deathcore with each other and you get this band. Furious and precise performance on their side and a highly enjoyable show for sure. I always find myself glaring at the guitar players. I’m a guitarist myself and I can’t play all of that fretboard slingshooting. I try to pick something up from them, but it is so fast that it is impossible to comprehend what just happened.

After Aegaeon came a vastly different band. Take Aegaeons technical riffing and just forget about everything what happened. Black Tongue reigned the stage. Brutally crushing music from the very depths of hell. Their vocalist Alex Teyen knows how to summon a fuckin’ demon. His vocals are insane and are the element that drives this band. Their unique downtempo deathcore is something we’re not used to hear in a scene that is usually generic breakdown to breakdown music. Black Tongue is just one big breakdown to listen to.

Bones will be shattered, brains will be crushed.

The last band of the evening was the most disappointing for me. I Declare War just didn’t do it for me. Too generic in a scene of copycat after copycat. Not interesting enough to stay so I went home blasting some Black tongue in the car.

Great night that's for sure.

Written by Joost van der Leij

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