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Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: WildHeart - WildHeart

Before we begin! Not to be confused with another Toronto, ON Canada based rock band ‘Wildheart’. (I saw them, front row, open for Killer Dwarfs September 20 2014, I hope this will be a review for another time)!

Some confusion may lie in the difference in a capital letter ‘H’ in the name. I don’t know what prompted this similarity, if anything or if either has heard of each other, but ‘Wildheart’, Canada has been around since 2012 and ‘WildHeart’, Belgium was formed somewhere around 2014. Interestingly, I was seeing a ‘wildheart’ perform as another was being born in those close time frames.

WildHeart Belgium. Good. Rock. And. Roll. 8/10 – easy!

The musical intro is revving and the mixe’ of news clips is cool, culminating into an awesome concert-ready rock scream, leading into the road-rocker, ‘On the Run’. The screaming vocals and guitars are excellent and these people can play.

The band is a perfect mix of rock, glam, sleaze such as the likes of Ratt, Poison and LA Guns but has integrated their influences into their own personal styles. ’Never Let Go’ is a shining example of this with blistering trade off solos from about 4:00 to 4:50(!!!), driving beats and decent lyrical content for a concert-chant song.

Wildly reminiscent of Dokken, ‘On My Way’ is my favourite; beats, guitars bass and vocals all around. ‘Stone Cold Fox’ had to be there; I was almost disappointed not immediately hearing a song about a hot girl, but these guys do have one.

The hard rocking guitars and pulse-pounding beat of ‘Get Up (Fight Back)’ are awesome to work out to on my heavy bag and the musical arrangements are well done, a must for any anthem mixtape.

The slow song: ‘Beautiful Regret’. This is a decent enough ballad but not impressive or hair raising enough to make it to my rock ballads of all time tape. Almost a sad-assed country, lost-my-girl concept, it is simply, ok.

The title track ramps it back up and thankfully so! There is some solid pounding on ‘Save Me’ and easily my second favourite song. ‘First Glance’ is a very soulful guitar solo and would make a cool ringtone – well liked here almost as much as my third favourite song, the next one, the blistering Lovehunter’. ‘Hang’em High’ is solid close and concert finisher with screeching intro scream and face-melter licks, this rounds the album out nicely. The chorus is sure to get the chants going!

Would definitely like to see these guys live!

Written by Alessandro

WildHeart Official Website
WildHeart Facebook

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