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Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Ruins - Undercurrent

I never heard of this band before, but apparently, they’ve already been active from the start of the 2nd millennium. Coming from Australia, they play Black Metal. They recorded 5 full albums and one EP so far.

Listening to the songs, I can tell these guys have passion for black metal, but aren’t afraid to do it their own way. The sound of the album is therefore, in my ears, a bit ...let’s say, different.

I mean, the guitars don’t sound hard or heavy, but more like they try to tickle my ears.

I know that sounds strange, but I mean that some colleagues of them play like there is a wall of sound, and heavier upon heavy, but this band sounds all in all quite gentle.

Even though the speed is good, the vocals do a nice crisp black scream and the influence of thrash metal is heard (which can be heard often in Black metal in my experience).

So, let’s talk about the songs. Or some of them, to say the least.

The first track of the album is called “Shadows of a Former Self”.

I will admit that my preview version didn’t have a lyric sheet and with black metal is hard to know what the theme is.

But that said, the speed of this song is good, the drums are played neat, but not really powerful. This music they play also doesn’t ask for it, like I said, the guitars are playing with a gentle more background sound, so the drums just add to that.

There are some weird riff twists here and there that I never heard before. Overall, I would say this song is very interesting and definitely worth a few more listening sessions then just one in a record store. The another song is called ‘’Crossroads’’: A nice strong thrashy black metal song and I would say one of the heaviest of the album. I would say it has a sound and a melody that would also be possible on “Death Cult Armageddon’’ from colleagues Dimmu Borgir), but then with some slower atmospheric parts in it. And from this album I would like to point out another song:

‘’The Fires of the Battlefield to Survive’’; It is a true black metal song to me, with a little bit of that wall of sound coming at you which I referred before.

Overall, I would say this is an interesting band.

Although I liked the music and the experimental guitar playing in some songs, this is not really the black metal I like. I like it dark and deep and, if possible, with a lot of orchestration..or with some folk in it. But for fans of the genre I am sure this is an album worth to get.


Written by Maurice Hermans

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