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Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Ravenia - Beyond The Walls Of Death

Ravenia is a 9-pieced band that plays epic film score metal & trailer music. This band was founded in December 2013 by singer Armi Päivinen and guitarist Samuli Reinikainen. After the first, two track EP ”Wingless” was released in January 2014, the band decided to take the music from the more traditional symphonic metal to something bigger. This album came out on april 29th 2016.

This album opens up with "For Those We Forsakened", where drums and violins begin to play and deeply catch your attention. The feel of film music is strong with this opening song. The whole time everything flows into it's plays, the vocals and drums are just perfect. You can hear a lot of hard work has been put into the production of this record. In every song, the rhythm and percussion are impressive, the double bass drumming always comes to its right. "There Is but One Path" is a song that opens strong with fast double bass drumming and guitars. The vocals are calm and go with the fast and calm parts on this song. "When Darkness Reigns" starts with a very low drum and it holds a dark feel. If you just added a little part with guitars, this would have been an epic film soundtrack. The last song "We Stand As One" opens fast with the drums, then it slows down to where the vocals begin. Later on this song it starts to speed up again, but yet again, when the vocals starts it slows down.

I’m surprised to hear this was actually good and they have a lot of potential. This was my first time listening to epic film score metal & trailer music and I enjoyed it. If you love symphonic metal and epic film music, this is a band for you.

Track list:

1. For those we forsakened
2. Into oblivion
3. We all died for honor
4. There is but one path
5. In silence
6. When darkness reigns
7. The fallen
8. We stand as one

Written by Nathasja Voerman

Ravenia Official Website
Ravenia Facebook
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