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Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Nyx Aether - Elixir For Trance

Ok. Only a 3 song demo and I’m not impressed. While the title seems impressive, it is NOT a mix for trance…why would you call it ‘trance’ anyway? Sound like Tarja trying to sound like Darby Mills trying to sound like Venom.

Classless and formulaic…I’m not swayed so far. The synth is ok, but again, just rip off female metal vocalists. I’d rather, and have seen, Lee Aaron and Darby Mills…The music is somewhat suppressed and the vocals…like she’s trying tooooo hard to sing like a metal queen.

‘Scions of the Scorn’…nice attempt at the cool title but you’ll never bring it to the level of melodic metal. Unless you come up with something original…It just doesn’t resonate and I’ve listened to this at least 18 times.

She sounds like she’s TRYING too hard, while we know there’s only one….Lee Aaron..The long riffs are tedious, the keyboards out of this world, but the sudden ROARRRRR! in the middle of ‘Scions of the Scorn’..too little too late and weirdly placed.. The Iron Maiden-ish riff at about 3:50 is ok, but reminds me of… Iron Maiden. Not these folks.

What do I know…I don’t sing or play…

Not my fave. 4/10

Written by Alessandro

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