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Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Moonsorrow - Jumalten Aika

The Finns of Moonsorrow are now well established in the metal community, among others thanks to their vast discography. Fans had to wait a bit, but since April 1st and 5 years after “Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa” their newest record, “Jumalten Aika”, is available.

5 songs of at least 7 and maximum 16 minutes fill the record, over an hour of music in total. Wow! But not unexpected – the Finns are known for their complex songs. So where to start? It’s a clear Moonsorrow record. Each song has its intro and outro. The musical style is the same (but different, but more about that in a bit), meaning that the guys play melodic black metal with folk influences rather than traditional pagan metal, as was already the case on their previous records. The “different” part: it still doesn’t sound like the previous records. The songs are more atmospheric and have some progressive elements to them. The songs develop slowly, atmospheres are created for the listener to close his eyes and dwell on. Those catchy riffs, which make you jump up and down, are used to accentuate the high points of the songs. The old Moonsorrow are thus still out there. But the atmospheric part prevails, and it will be interesting to see how these songs will work out live.

“Jumalten Aika” shows both facets of the band’s songwriting – both serious and lively – and it is a great and surprisingly harmonic mix. As said, style-wise it is nothing entirely new, but this album is more refined, harmonic, emotional and complex than ever before. Definitely a must-hear for every metal fan! 10/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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