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Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Mhönos - Miserere Nostri

This one is again one of the weirdest album I’ve ever reviewed, only four songs and a total length of almost 40 minutes. It is a bit on the noisy side as for the whole length of the album it is basically a single song divided into four parts. And one of the most notable features is that it is slow quite a bit. Leaning on the doom metal side with the slowness and the noise always alluding from the back of the wall of sound you are exposed to. The quality of the recording of this album is not that good, but on the other hand, I presume that was the idea of the album and the quality of the instruments does give a unique spin on things here. There will be people who will not enjoy this album and similar ones also, as music like this is an acquired taste and needs some time getting used to. The thing that especially gives into this feel is the long intro and outro songs which are 17 and 12 minutes respectively, and even the two songs in the middle do not have a feel that the intro song finished. The album can make the listener confused as where in the album he is, but for me it was a great addition and gave me a real spacey feel with the random noises and echoes while listening. All in all, if you are into some more doom metal leaning stuff and maybe some experimental stuff, I wholeheartedly recommend this album.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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  1. I've recorded this album alone but I've left Mhönos later. Those who wants hear similar music are welcome in my new project N.K.R.T pages :

    Frater Stéphane