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Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: Master Crow - Die For Humanity

Master Crow is a new-ish band from Paris, on stage now with their second album Die for Humanity. It is a weird mix of different styles that without a common term can best be described as death metal, though there are definitely a lot of prog and djent elements present in the music as well. The upside though is that though this is only their second album in their ten years’ existence, they seem to have found a very solid and cohesive sound very early on. It is a bit of a weird style though...

Most of Master Crow’s songs are a pummeling of death metal with influences from prog and extreme metal, as they themselves describe also. The songs are all around the 5 minute mark and that’s a slight shame; some songs don’t need the time and become rather repetitive quickly. Especially the song Katyusha gets slightly repetitive. On the other hand there are definitely some positive things to say about Die for Humanity; most songs have an initial nice hook and the skills of every player and the singer undoubtedly shines through. The roaring guitars are always on spot and snappy, quick. This is also very prevalent in how most sections effortlessly go from a screeching solo right into a djent-y break and back.

The quirkiest thing about Die for Humanity is, though, the peculiar mix. I am on the fence whether I like it; on the one hand it sounds very raw, with the bass often growling very loudly over the guitars and the drums who are very in-your face. Yet, on the other hand, it is sometimes hard to distinguish what’s happening due to a muddled mix so that everything is loud and the sound drowns out the guitarshredding that is actually very good. It is a shame for an album that is more than half-decent, and has some interesting songs on there. Not a great album, but definitely one worth listening to.

Written by Frank van Drunen

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