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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review: Innerwish - Innerwish

Let me tell you straight on, Innerwish plays melodic heavy metal with a huge power metal influence and they play it damn well!
Of course every cheesiness can be found in the music. We have some keys, we have a singer that can reach the high vocal range while still maintaining the strong sounds too. And there is the twin guitar solos.

The band already exist since the half 90's and they have a lot of writing and playing skills.
This 5th album is self titled, and it is as if the band meant it like that. Cause the album totally shows what Innerwish is. This is not an album, this is their embodiment put in music.
The sound is perfectly produced and mastered, but all the more it shows how awesome the songs are written and performed.

After a few struggles over the last years and line-up changes they found themselves a new singer in the person of George Eikosipentakis.
On the opening song “Roll the Dice” it can be heard how his vocal range and strength is easy to be heard.
But also the nice calm combination of heavy metal with some keyboards is great to listen to.
Nothing new is under the sun, but it is all played with perfection.
Another song that shows the capacity of all musicians is heard on the song “Needles in my mind”.
Starting with a calm acoustic section and a gentle vocal part, the song continues to be a power metal influenced heavy metal song.
To me this is my favorite of the album.
All the songs on this album carry the same high standard of writing, melody and perfection.
The highlights on this album for me are the 2 songs I already reviewed and “Broken”, “My world on fire” and “Through my mind”.
But I could just as well write the tracklist in total here.

For fans who really like to listen to melodic heavy power metal this is just an album you are not allowed to miss.
If you enjoy high male vocals undermined with keys and good perfect songs go get this album.
The sounds and production is spot on and everything can be heard crystal clear.
67 minutes of total joy, 13 song long this is worth for every second.

95/100 is my score.
Not for originality, but for the perfection in song writing, playing and overall production value.
That makes this my favorite of this year so far.

Written by Maurice Hermans

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