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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review: Higher Than - Purgatory Airlines

I’m giving this 10/10 from the first 3 songs. Great uplifting tempos, shredding guitars and ultra high but clear as crystal vox make this a necessity for any road trip soundtrack.

I am happy to hear a group that can sing and play. The musical intro is cool and innovative and the kicking vocals in ‘Broken Tales’ and ‘Sword Up’ catch you right away, especially if this were live. More rockin’ pounding with ‘Miss Mindend’; great crunching chords and melodies here and one of, now, my favourite 26 second guitar solos I’ve heard at about the 3:00 mark, interestingly placed near the end of the song.

The fury never stops with ‘Strike Back’ and the title track and nearly exhausting me into ‘Risk Taker’. The music and singing is consistent and laced with enough innovation and rhythm changes to impress anyone in the power metal realm.

‘Unchained Tiger’ and “Near and Far’ are well placed ‘slow songs’, right in the middle, allowing some rest; as I’m sure will be required watching these guys live. Well written songs and pleasing to listen to at any volume. ‘Near and Far’, the slower of the two, shows great vocal range and moving lyrics a sure hit with concert goers.

The album finishes with strong, intricate songs that are more for hardcore fans than the mainstream. A great strategy as fans will listen on, looking for more. At 3:40 of My Own Memories (M.O.M.), I got chills as the musical break reminded me of Blue Oyster Cult in its complexity and soul – I think I’d need to hear this album on vinyl to further add to its depth.

‘Room Service’ has some of the best falsetto vox and upbeat tempos, reminiscent of The Darkness and Queen, further showing the lead vocalists’ range and skill and the tightness of this band. This is great to listen to loud for the 40+ degree temperature currently surrounding me, so I cranked it, went onto my deck and it sounds even better on the wind! No, the resultant beers I had while listening to this song does not affect this review.

‘I Don’t Wanna’ either. I don’t wanna stop listening to this record. The blistering guitar solo at 2:00 had me rocking all over the deck and working up a good sweat warmup for my workout. Summertime music to blast and enjoy from the car or home stereo!

Written by Alessandro

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