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Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Evil Brain Taste - Dead Dead Bad


Now that I have half the world’s attention, we now have Zombie Death Metal. Kind of redundant but, ok, I’ll bite: it’s a genre. I love the name: instant 7/10 just for that.
A great punk vibe to this and just what the hell is going on in their Twitter video ‘Zombies?’ (#12 on the album) I don’t know, but I like it. A tongue-in-cheek apocalypse piece, it is easier to watch than some of the seizure-inducing videos out there. The axes chop away with great power riffs and the vocals are harsh and sound like the singer, ‘Bone’ (of course), gargles with pure caustic soda.
The production is good, low and furry as is the norm for this genre, but technically a bit better than many. I can make the instruments out; they’re well played. Check their website and you’ll get the lowdown on their comic-book looks. It’s fun, refreshing and great to see some guys just having fun, but the underlying threat of their very adept playing looms. It seeps through their music such as in my favourite ‘Candle Lit Shit’ – brilliant. Some crunching guitars reminiscent of Razor are great at about 1:00.
‘Hello, I Want to Kill You’ pounds onward and is simply great, again reminding me of some old school Razor, but with their own twists, screams and raspies. This groove keeps going through all the songs including the super fast, ‘The Taste Remains’. The songs are perfectly short, to the point and leave you teased for the next one. This is an easy listen all the way through.
I simply am now having a better day after the intro to ‘Never Forget the Taste’. It’s an instant concert chant classic. The slow dripping add-on…love it. Some headache inducing, powerful, fast “zombie-rap” leaves me wowed and always respecting performers that can fire flaming word-arrows.
Definitely for any soft-skinned human not happy with their outward appearance, these guys rock and will hopefully have more rot for us. If you’re feeling a bit droopy, maybe the bass player, ‘CHOT’ can help as we don’t know his origins, but his name, ironically meshes with, The Center for Health Organization Transformation.
A definite 9/10.

Written by Alessandro

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