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Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Art Of Deception - Shattered Delusions

The melodic death metallers from Art of Deception are hailing from Norway with their first full-length album “Shattered Delusions”, including the single “Killing”. It was released on the 17th of June via Crime Records and comes with great artwork. Let’s give it a go!

We start off into the 9 songs on the record with “Lunar Eclipse”, which starts with a soft acoustic guitar solo. Don’t be deceived! After 1:30 minutes the growls of Marius Ofstad kick in, and it’s a great death metal song from there. The second track is their first single, “Killing”. This one starts off quite brutally for a melodic death metal song, and shows strong influences from oldschool death metal. This holds true for the remainder of songs. Art of Deception can be called a melodic death metal band, but that wouldn’t do justice to the diversity of their songs. Melodic passages are mixed nicely with more oldschool death riffs and even some rock’n’roll influences (“Øyekast”). While sound-wise, these guys definitely found their style, the songs are still diverse and unique. Nevertheless, all songs on “Shattered Delusions” blend well together. The lyrics range from pirate times (“Kraken’s Awakening”) to religious criticism (“Organised Chaos”). There’s really nothing much negative to say here... Maybe some songs could be a bit shorter, to increase their intensity even further, but that would be complaining on a high level.

Overall, Art of Deception generated a very impressive first record, and I’m certain that the guys will come up with great stuff again in the future. Definitely a band to keep an eye on! In the meantime, “Shattered Delusions” is highly recommended - 9.5/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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