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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review: 0N0 - Reconstruction & Synthesis

Oh, No its 0N0 and their style of ‘Psychedelic Industrial Doom Metal’. Ok, I’m officially old. I’m not sure about this, but here I go without any additives.

This band from Bratislava has dug a listening hole deeper than the ones I’ve slept in after some major mosh pits. You need to be in the right mood for this album as it is like a bomb blast: all over the place. The album titles are great but it is SO hard to hear the lyrics.

Production on this project isn’t the greatest and some of the arrangements are very dirty, low and confusing such as at the 4 minute mid point of ‘A Farewell to Conscious Shores’ it sounds like a mixing mistake…but I couldn’t stop listening. As low and guttural as I’ve ever heard in 30 years of metal, this would indulge any demon having their bowl of souls. As a prog metal fan, I hoped this would get better. It did not for me, but many will like this style as it reflects the 30 second attention-span mindset of the Internet world.

Abruptly, then, from about 6 minutes to finish, the sound cleared and the angelic vocals and amazing guitar melodies sweep you away. There needs to be more of this on the album and hopefully they will add to their next as it proved an excellent soundtrack for my Diablo game. (Yes, I still play it…I haven’t reached level 100 yet, gimme a break, I had things to do).

The 12-minute title track starts slowly, building to some greater things. Smooth rhythm and tempo changes, melodies and distortion…some very decent stuff for this and other genres. The song could have comfortably ended at 9:55 as the musical outro was a bit annoying with it’s 50’s style sci-fi lab effects, and then build up to an African drum style beat and chanting. I suppose in the world of PIDM, this is acceptable.

‘Desolatry’. The ‘slow’ song. The guitar twangs and distortion overshadow the vocals and it’s very tedious to get through. The poorly interjected guitar wail at 4:18 made me turn it down. Heard live, this would make me go to the bar for refreshment and maybe not return unless I heard something to get my heart rate pumping again.

‘At Sixes and Sevens’ is more of the same sluggishness as ‘Desolatry’ and I simply, cannot, understand the words. The song titles suggest some lyrical conscience but at best this is a soundtrack for the latest TV psycho-drama.

There was some very hopeful music in ‘Lucid Transmutation’, having good deep tones and more understandable lyrics and a better arrangement than the other songs. At about 4:40, there is a great Yes-inspired guitar and drums flow and I was again thrown off my game when it changed at 6:11 to airy, moody synth until close. Again, this would be great for a movie soundtrack somewhere.

‘Reformation/Absorption’ is an intriguing title and the music was a great outro to this frenetic paced album. Decently paced and atmospheric, I’m turning it low and using it for my gaming soundtrack and see what jumps out further, but I think this is as much as I can give it for now. I would need to see them live and how they can possibly keep up to their own writing, with so many changes that would give Dream Theatre a challenge.

I loved Bratislava in Euro-Trip!

Written by Alessandro

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