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Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Subliminal Fear - Escape From Leviathan

Subliminal Fear has released a new album called “Escape from Leviathan”. After two and half years working in the studio, their third album (10 track release) is finally ready and it shows several innovations about past musical style with a greater attention to melodies and with a modern sound. The early sound has evolved in a “cyber metal”-sound with extreme and melodic vocals, djent guitars, a huge groove and with electronic and industrial synth. Now, the band's line-up is composed by 2 vocalists, to express all potential of the new sound, also in live shows. The brand new members of the line-up are: the vocalist Matteo De Bellis from deathster Golem and Ruggiero Lanotte, ex drummer of The Rest Side.

The album begins with "Phantoms or Drones" which makes it very industrial right from the start. It has a mix with very clean vocals with guest singer Guillaume Bideau that go well with the music, it's not too soft nor too loud. The song "Nexus" has an 22 seconds drum opening before the vocals start. It's a very dark song with parts that are melodic before the darkness starts again. With low voices and the grunting it's a perfect song to headbang. All the first few songs start almost the same with the drums, just a little tune difference. "Living in another world" is a song that flows from begin to the end. "Self-proclaimed gods" starts with heavely drums and if you wear a headset you hear that they split the music from left to right for just a moment, very nice. This song is more dark and fast paced, but the vocals are still very clean. The last song on this album is "The disease is human emotion", this song is quiet and really plays with your emotions. This song gives you goosebumps, nice choice to let it be the last one.

This album has very nice ingredients for making it a masterpiece. If you like melodic blast metal or death/modern/electronic, this is a band for you to check out!

Track List:
1. Phantoms Or Drones (feat. Guillaume Bideau)
2. All Meanings They’ve Torn (feat. Lawrence Mackrory)
3. Nexus
4. Escape From Leviathan
5. Evilution (feat. Jon Howard)
6. Living In Another World (Talk Talk Cover)
7. Dark Star Renaissance 4:07
8. Self-Proclaimed Gods
9. Limitless
10. The Disease Is Human Emotion

Written by Nathasja Voerman

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