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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Review: Sig:Ar:Tyr - Northen

¨I am King, where is my crown!¨ It is very hard not to imagine being in some sort of Game of Thrones scene when this sentence is yelled at you while listening to ‘’Crownless’’, second song on this amazing Sig:Ar:Tir record. And in a sense, it is not a strange image. ‘’Norther’’ describes the journey of Norwegians, or Vikings if you like, at the end of the Viking age, who set out to discover the areas now known as Canada. The coldness, desolation and inner and outer battles that had to be fought are heard in this steady black pagan metal album.
‘’Northern’’ is the first album in which Sig:Ar:Tir is a band, and not just the one-man project of Daemonskald. Although it might be the first, the band sounds as being a solid base and the music can flourish through this unity. In nine 6 to 7 minute songs, the band takes us through the icy journey that the Norse had to go through during their trip of discovery. And in all fairness, all songs are well balanced and great to listen to. There is melody, heaviness, guitar solo’s, a little acoustics here and there and of course the haunting screaming, barking vocals that are characteristic for black metal.

The album grabbed me from the beginning, because of the strong way to put the songs on the audience’s plate: There you go, take it or leave it. This is us.

The downside of the album is its length. The songs are sometimes all too similar, even though they really stand on themselves. The album is a great background, but to really intensely listen to it at full length, will most certainly give you moments where you think ´I have heard this before´. Basically, the first two songs are the strongest. ‘’Helluland’’ and the above mentioned ‘’Crownless’’ really take you deep into Sig:Ar:Tir’’s world. I am very happy to have ‘’Crownless’’ on endless repeat for an hour or so and feel like some spoiled king of the GoT-series. What follows after these songs is still nice, but feels so much as a oneness, that it is hard to differentiate the songs apart.

Nevertheless, Northern is a great black metal band with pagan influences, accessible for people who find black metal a bit too much, yet heavy enough for black metallers to enjoy to the full.

Written by Martijn Bakker

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