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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Review: Revocation - Great Is Our Sin

Revocation, dudes… you guys lied to me and the rest of the world. Let me elaborate on this matter later on in this review.

With already five flawless albums under their belt this was a hard album to prove worthy of all the previous successes. The new record started off with a solid new track called ‘Communion’. After that the hype was real. People started digging the track with amazing lightning flashes of Dave Davidson’s amazing axe skills.

After ‘Communion’ new tracks started to come out more frequently towards the release. With in my opinion the best track on the album overall called ‘Crumbling Imperium’. This song showcases everything Revocation stands for. We already knew them as a death/thrash metal band but this track stands out on technicality. I’ve watched numerous live videos just waiting for Dave to screw up his songs. He just doesn’t. It’s astounding one can play such technical leads and growl his ass of at the same time! Speaking of those vocals. I have to give this one to Dave as well (no I’m not trying to get a guitar lesson out of him). His vocals improved a lot. I already noticed it on their previous effort called ‘Deathless’ His vocal style improved in range. High screams sound more like an evil witch calling out into the darkness of the night while boiling soup of blasphemous moths in a cauldron of hate. Low growls just sound like he is summoning an army of angry fuckin’ elephants. I never felt much for Dave’s vocals up until this particular album. His improvements made this album.

Lets talk bass as well. Brett Bamberger’s string attack is vicious on this one as well. In between the technical guitar leads there are some really tasty bass licks as well. Being a real show animal, the one question popped up in my mind and that was. How do they play this out live? I can tell by looking at videos it’s absolutely spotless.

Summarizing this record is like defining Pi. I can’t name all the good stuff. There’s just too much of it. Actually I can’t really find anything that is definitely wrong about this album. Imma go ahead and rate it a 9.5 just because this album is already contestant for album of the year for me. They leave out on the half point for originality. They’re not really reinventing the wheel for themselves but yeah, why change a winning formula.

So another try summarizing the album, 9.5 for the sheer blistering brutality, outstanding musicianship and all the improvements made for ‘Great Is Our Sin’.

Written by Joost van der Leij

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