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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Review: Powerwolf - The Metal Mass Live

After their sixth album "Blessed and Possessed, Powerwolf is coming back this summer, on July 29th, with their Live dvd/cd "The Metal Mass". I am going to review the CD tracks for you before the release. The tracks are coming from "Live in Oberhausen Wolfsnächte-Tour 2015". There was just one thing missing from Powerwolf, exactly a DVD/CD that brings The Metal Mass to your TV.

This live DVD/CD has everything from classic Powerwolf to songs from the new album "Blessed and Possessed" from July 17th, 2015. The audio quality of this live CD/DVD is good, you even hear the communication between the singer and the public in the parts where singer speaks and audience is clapping or singing . During the intro of the first song, I think the vocals should have been more on the foreground, because the drums and guitars are taking over. During the rest of the songs, the vocals were perfectly matched with the drums and guitars. An advice: if you make/record a live DVD/CD , I know it’s a festival in Germany, but maybe speak to them in English, so we can all understand what you are saying. This is a live DVD/CD you would expect from a great metal band. The last song holds the live set strong with the catching riffs and drums. Powerwolf is always at their best if they play live performances.

So, make sure you have seen them once in your life. For the DVD/CD: turn it up really loud and enjoy. If you love Powerwolf make sure this DVD/CD is in your collection, it’s a must have!

Track list CD:
1 Blessed & Possessed
2 Coleus Sanctus
3 Amen & Attack
4 Cardinal Sin
5 Army Of The Night
6 Resurrection by Erection
7 Armata Strigoi
8 Dead Boys Don‘t Cry
9 Let There Be Night
10 Werewolves of Armenia
11 In The Name Of God
12 We drink your blood
13 Lupus Dei
14 Sanctified with Dynamite
15 Kreuzfeuer
16 All We Need Is Blood

Written by Nathasja Voerman

Powerwolf Official Website
Powerwolf Facebook

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