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Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Enemy Of The Enemy - Hellequin

The first thing that will hit you on this album is the vocals, very harsh vocals followed by a heavy guitar riff with the drums and bass. Well now, the album is moderately long as in it is slightly longer than most modern albums in the metal genre, it has 10 songs with varying lengths from around 3 minutes to 6 minutes. The quality is superb, every instrument is clearly heard, especially the always forgotten bass, which is very clearly heard here with a really growling fat sound. The guitar is great sounding with maybe a little bit too much bass and compression, then again the tone of the guitar is great with the sound of the drums. As for the drums, they have a good deep tone, especially the kicks which are heard and the sound of it is not muddy, kudos for the drummer for that. Now for the songs themselves. While varying in length, the individual songs show a lot of effort and time put into them. All of the songs are different in the intro, one even starts like a techno/dance song start. All in all, the album is a great feat of the band, and I was glad to be able to review it, I give the album a 9/10.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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