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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Review: Dive Your Head - Le Prix Du Sang

Dive Your Head is raw and relentless, most of the time. Their new album Le Prix du Sang features no more than 8 songs and those rarely exceed 4 minutes, but all hell, those songs are packed with energy.
It’s not all glorious though, but overall a very solid performance.

Dive Your Head is a new band from Sens, France, and has just begun their journey in metal-land. For all their start-up antics and youthful appearance they don’t dick around on their first album. The songs are, though sometimes simplistic, very energetic. At first I wasn’t that impressed by the simplicity, but a couple of listens in I noticed the layering in the music, though a bit covert. The riffs aren’t passing one after the other and a song will sometimes rely on just 2-3 riffs in repetition, but good song structuring makes a song rarely come off as boring. Unlike other simplistic metalcore that often relies on a very fat sound that obliterates every other variation in the music, Dive Your Head seems to manage to mix in melodic guitars at times without becoming yet one other guitarwankery-band.

There is one other interesting choice that may put some off and others right on this music, and that’s the fact that Dive Your Head mostly sings in French. I can therefore say little about the quality of the lyrics, but the singing/screaming is on point, visceral but when clean also not bad. The problem with the album is only that it has too little variation to really be interesting all throughout. After 5-6 songs I usually need a break from this album. Overall though, it’s a very good example of “I wanna punch a wall today” kind of music, which I often use as a pick-me-up rather than a long listen. That is Dive Your Head - Le Prix du Sang; a violence and a viscerality that is refreshing.

Written by Frank van Drunen

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