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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review: Degenerate - Demo 2016

The band Degenerate plays thrash metal as we know it from the 80's. Good, fast, loaded with speedy melodic solo’s popping up now and then.

As this album is called their 2016 Demo, I assume they already had some songs before these 4.

Honestly, I didn't hear these before, but I can hear the band does a fairly good job on the 4 songs on this demo.

It starts with the song ‘’Gaia's Voice’’, slowly with an alarm going off, and after that a loud bass drums filled intro. The guitars sound clear, especially for a demo recording, the bass drum could sound more bass to me, now sometimes the drums sound a bit cut off. The song is good in terms of thrashy aggression and speed, but lack good vocals to me.

The singer sings aggressively and strong, but too monotonous to me.

It sounds like an aggressive rapper, singing all in one tone.

And to be honest, the whole down part I can hear on this demo are the vocals and bass

The guitars are played well, even though sometimes they appear little out of tune with the bass drum, but that can be what they wanted to reach. The bass and bass drums are strong but have a more cut off sound, and I like the bass rolling in the speakers instead. This demo never has a ‘wow’ moment for the bass.

There are also some good thing going on here, the songs are interesting with speed and melody changes. And even the vocals have some interesting if it weren’t for the same tone constantly going on. The solos of the band are great and played very well with lot of feeling in it.

So, if this band is going to record a full album, I will definitely check that album out properly, and if they manage to make a little more variation in the tone of the vocals and give the guitar/bass/bassdrum combination a big deep roar with it, then this band could make a great album.

Lot of potential in it, but lack of good sound and vocals to complete it.

Written by Maurice Hermans

Degenerate Facebook

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