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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Review: Crimson Fire - Fireborn

Having been formed in Greece over a decade, power metallers Crimson Fire have been a part of the classic mold of Greek traditional metal bands that excels at those glorious old-school scenes. Now onto their second full-length effort released June 3, 2016 on Pitch Black Records, the group continues their ploy of mixing the stylings of old-school heavy metal and power metal crunch.

This here is incredibly straightforward and rather unsurprisingly simplistic music here, simply taking the form of classic heavy metal with vibrant fiery melodic power metal melodies over the top of everything. The underlying rhythms here are tight, to-the-point and offering the kind of classic metal crunch usually favored by the more mid-tempo groups in the style, leaving this one with a solid, heavy thumping backbone that tracks like ‘Take to the Skies,’ ‘Right off the Bat’ and ‘Eternal Flame’ take full-advantage of in weaving them throughout in an unwavering fashion. Sprinkled nicely amongst these dense rhythms is the band’s penchant for sterling, soaring melodic leads and soloing that comes into play here, giving this a rather fun and engaging majestic gallop to the heavier rhythms where ‘Hunter’ and ‘Knightrider’ offer the variations of the type. The fact remains though, that despite this enjoyable enough presentation their so simplistic and straightforward that the band offers virtually no varied approaches or styles throughout here, as the one attempt at a ballad turns back into a mid-tempo cruncher which is the only real variance within the music and it does make this quite a one-note album overall.

Though the band does tend to play it safe from time-to-time, there’s plenty of elements that do work here in their sound that they remain a fine choice overall for fans of the Greek scenes other classic heavy/power metal bands or those looking for a starter band in that genre since they are evocative of the style without being 8/10

Written by Don Anelli

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