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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Review: Be'lakor - Vessels

Australian melodic death metallers Be’lakor release their 4th album, four years after the brilliant ‘Of Breath and Vone’. So, expectations are high! The new longplayer is called ‘Vessels’ and was released via Napalm Records.

Positive thing right away: no, it’s not a copy paste of the previous album. Still with great growling, still with seemingly never-ending (in a positive way!) tracks ;) Perfect! The general tone of the album is somewhat slower, less tight than that of its predecessor, but with more grooves. Sounds worse than it is, this actually this leads to more complexity and more layers to the songs than before. The atmosphere is melancholic and reminds, for example, of Insomnium. The production is very neat and adds to this feeling, as well as the rather frequent use of acoustic guitar and/or piano parts. At the same time, the tracks are thus a tad less accessible. The songwriting, however, is definitely well thought-through and, in my opinion, even improved compared to the first three records.

“Vessels” is a great album which can definitely still be categorized in the melodic death metal genre, even though it has elements of progressive rock in it. Highly recommended! 9.5/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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