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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: Temple Steps/Wreck - split tape

The cover of this nice tape shows clearly what the listener can expect: Dark, mournful depressive doom.

Temple Steps gives us two great sludge/doom songs, lasting seven to eight minutes each. In a sense, the music is not adding new elements to the genre, but the band is very convincing in the way the present the music. In my opinion their second song 'Cursed and Set Below' is a stronger one, adding a bit more body to the sound, although it is less diverse than the first song. The strong side of this is that the repeating guitar chords hypnotise in a way that takes you deeper to the core of the song.

The other side of the tape is reserved for Wreck. A band that is soundwise less deep down than Temple Steps. The band uses low grunts and clean screams in addition to a guitar sound that could also be used by a stonerrock band. I experience the first song 'On the Gallows' as storytelling, whereas Temple Steps’ music was more like a soundscape. The words 'No Tomorrow' keep echoing in my ear, stimulating my fantasy in the direction of a post-apocalyptic movie. Second song 'Release the Drones' has the same storytelling structure. Where the screams at the start of the song makes me wonder what tragic story I am going to hear, the grunts take me by the gut and drags me through nasty dirt.

This split tape introduces the listener to two bands within the doom/drone/sludge scene. The world they create is not a nice one, the music however is enthralling and makes you want more than just these mere 25 minutes of depression.

Written by Martijn Bakker

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