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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review: Poison Headache - Poison Headache

A project I have been anticipating for a while now.

Poison headache is a really heavy, out of the box sideproject for Wovenwar & (ex) As I Lay Dying axeman, Phil Sgrosso. I found out about the project by following the musical endeavors by all of the ex members of As I Lay Dying. Phil announced that he had a new side project called Poison Headache and it was going to blow your brains out with heaviness. Well, the self titled album proved the next step for Phil Sgrosso was absolutely bonecrushing.

With the sinister sounding guitar effects on the whole album and the heavy, fast hardcore riffs, it sure means a new direction from his other band Wovenwar. Bearing big resemblance to Nails, the punk inspired riffs rip through the whole album. There are some real stand out tracks on here. Starting with the song I love the most from the whole album, ''Gray Skies''! Starting off slow and progressing into a ripping guitar sound with a sinister melody behind it. The vocals on this track are insane. I never knew a scream could sound so real, so full of integrity and anger. When the “breakdown” comes around the corner after a great build-up, the sickening voice blasts a scream into you ear, which will leave your ears senseless and numb.

Other really great tracks are the singles released by the band to create a hype for the album, ''Sin Eater'' ''Conspirator''. The thing with these songs is that you can’t really put a good label on it. It has a lot of punk influences but it is definitely heavier. It’s not even necessarily the overdrive on the amp but also the speed and chord progression which makes it produce a lot more noise than on any other punk record. I feel that Poison Headache has the purpose to produce the angriest album they possibly could! Their philosophy is just the same as the band Nails, which I mentioned before.

While all fans of Wovenwar are waiting for their next (heavier) album which does not have a title for now, people can listen to the heavier side of their beloved guitarist Phil Sgrosso. It’s a banger and I’m looking forward to hear the bands progression. I honestly hope they are going to produce a second album!


Written by Joost van der Leij

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