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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review: Cvinger - Embodied In Incense

Storming onto the black metal scene, Slovenian black metal horde Cvinger offers another solid slab of pristine, chaotic-sounding Old-School Black Metal to make it two solid epics in a row following their great debut. Not really reinventing the wheel but certainly hammering out a wildly chaotic and enjoyable variant, this new release came out on May 23, 2016.

That this one goes for the Old-School tone here gives this a great framework throughout here. Offering frantic and brimstone scented tremolo riffing, which nicely echoes the traditional second-wave acts in the mid-90s. There’s a bouncy and enjoyable up-tempo feel to the music here that comes mainly from ‘Psalm, Of a Hollow Man,’ ‘Enchanted Conclave’ or 'Martyr Shrine' that contain a vicious old-school streak to their rhythms. ‘Beheading the Desert Prophet’ and the title track also manage the ability to meld those swirling tremolo riff-works alongside a more pronounced and chaotic series of frenzied drum-blasts that adds a blast-heavy approach to the music in conjunction to the more intense and blistering riff-work, and they stand-out all the more so on the album against the moody atmospherics featured in the slow, churning epic ‘Weak to the Gallows,’ offering up some stylish variety. Though this variety comes across nicely with the use of the three short chanting-filled interludes that crop up, they’re not that enjoyable and detract from the whole experience taking this one out at the wrong moments with its discordant chanting droning on interrupting the flow and chaos established.

Though there’s a minor problem to be had with the album’s structure with all the brief instrumental interludes holding up the pacing, there’s still more than enough blasting chaos and frenetic bombastic on display to really make this a hearty choice for those looking for more second-wave styled Black Metal or are just fans of the style in general. 8.5/10

Written by Don Anelli

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