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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: Chronos Zero - Hollowlands: The Tears Path Chapter One

Chronos Zero is a young band created back in 2011 in Italy. Their previous release came in 2013 with the equal pompous title (A Prelude into Emptiness - The Tears Path: Chapter Alpha).

Chronos Zero’s style is somewhat unusual, drawing heavily influences from bands like Symphony X and maybe Adagio they play a prog style with many neoclassical shredding moments in both guitars and keyboards both masterfully played by Enrico Zavatta. Enrico shines on lead, as well as rhythm guitars, sounding remarkably close to Michael Romeo from Symphony X, which is probably one of his main influences since like Romeo is the main composer for the band.

What pleasantly shocked me are the performances of both singers Margherita Leadrini and Manuel Guerrieri. The female vocals are mostly ethereal and melodic with rarely changing colors or textures, which shouldn’t be a problem if the result is great. However, when Guerrieri kicks in, he displays an impressive vocal assault ranging from extreme (but great) growling to exquisite melodic passages.

Remember when I mentioned Symphony X before? I bet that if someone would listen to one of their tracks (latest albums), and then press play on Chronos Zero latest offering, you wouldn’t know the difference. I’m serious, you wouldn’t know the difference until the female vocals come in. The similarities don’t end on the musical style, but also on the amazing vocals that sound almost identical to Russel Allen’s!

Someone might say that Chronos Zero are just copycats and you shouldn’t waste time on ‘em. Well if you think that way, ladies & gentlemen, it’s your loss.. Chronos Zero comes with great riffing and leads, superb vocals & musicianship and all this is embellished by a killer, clear and powerful production. Well, if you try following someone else’s footsteps, then you might try following one of the best, and, love or hate ‘em, but Symphony X is one of those great but still underrated bands.

From the emotional ballad “On the Tears Path” to the heavy thrash assault “The Compression of Time” the band is taking no prisoners introducing heavy as fuck moments and the ‘wow’ factor with blistering solos and killer showmanship in ALL instruments, but without forgetting to write cool songs!!!

Very impressed with Chronos Zero’s effort they made me curious to go out and listen to the previous album. My only suggestion to them would be to try to achieve a more personal sound for their next album because they certainly got the talent and the abilities to do it.

Prog/metal fans check this band out now!!!!! You won’t disappointed.

Written by Manos Xanthakis

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