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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review: ADX - Non Serviam

The new ADX album is released and to be honest this is my first introduction to this band. That means I keep the review to this album only and no comparing to any previously releases.

First thing I heard is the language. Lyrics are mainly in French, with a very occasional Latin language in the song Non Serviam.

The band plays a mix of thrash metal with atmospheric melodic speed moments. They don't try to keep a monotone sound at all, but instead they are often looking to put as much color into the songs as possible. A very good example to this can be heard on the song 'L'irlandaise. That song starts with a nice fast paced melodic riff, but the solo-ish guitars at the start show perfectly that this band likes to play multitone a lot.

And that is what they do, nothing new, nothing perfect, but good and steady thrash metal with a lot of twists and turns. Their vocals are great, but in French, which might be a turnoff to some of you. And even though I have no idea what they are singing about, I do like to listen to metal with my mind, not to be distracted by any lyrics.

The album opens with L'aube noire, a classical orchestrated intro. It is a sound that doesn't return on the album anymore, so don't expect any classical influence except for the guitarsolo parts, cause they do have their classical recognition in it.

For me the songs I mentioned, together with the awesome sung 'La complainte du dementer' and the title track 'Non Serviam' are the best songs of this album.

They hold a great speed in them, some good guitarsolos, and even some twin guitarsolos. And that in a perfect blend with the vocals makes a good thrashy metal record.

That doesn't mean that there's nothing wrong. For example I heard a few songs use a fade out, and although I don't take it as a big thing, it feels like the band actually didn't know how to end these songs, so they decided to fade them out. To me that feels a little incomplete.

About the language, it is nice to listen to, but I think in full English this band would be much more interesting.

That said, if you like speed metal with a thrashy sound, some rough vocals that also hold power to go high ranged, with some good guitar-riffs and all kind of colorful guitar attacks this album will definitely appeal to you.

If you look for true traditional thrash metal this is not what you seek. I would still suggest you'd try it, but in that case it might not appeal to you.

I'd say this band is good, not perfect, nothing renewing, just well played speed metal.

So I rate this album with an 80 out of 100.

Written by Maurice Hermans

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