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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: Unothera - Broken

Unothera makes a peculiar kind of music that has certainly got some gothic or black roots, but it doesn’t seem to find its own sound on the cd Broken. The EP consists of five songs, 3 of which are either an intro, interlude or outro in the form of a piano piece. The piano parts have a distinct link with some of the introductions to much of the band Heaven Shall Burn’s CDs. It doesn’t really build suspense though, and in the end the EP Broken doesn’t really come out of this rut. It is just all a bit bland.

The EP opens on the first piano part while the rain is pouring down in the background. The atmosphere is set a bit, and it should make one ready for a gloomy cd. The first song “The Sum of Contradictions” however seems to randomly start without much build-up and starts repeating a pretty boring guitar riff that will stay with you for the entire six minutes and will have very little variation.

“The Sum of Contradictions” has its moments, for instance in the bridge, but it will revert back to the same riff over and over again, taking any suspense in the music right out of it and quickly taking away all the interest in a listener’s ear.

The growls of singer Ferdinand Wanders are not all that bad, and in the chorus something comes to life somewhere. The clean singing is not all that good though, with little intonation and sometimes just outright out of tune. It is once again a shame because in every song there is a core of interesting music that just gets killed by these things and the little variation songs have most of the time.

The potential for good music is there, shortly. It is a shame it doesn’t really come out anywhere in the album, but it is perhaps not too much of a deal while Unothera still is in their early years. They only now brought this first EP out and before this haven’t had much luck in creating a stable group of people in the band. So maybe there is room for growth still and then it is very well possible Unothera is going to make some very interesting music. Broken however does not yet showcase this, sadly.

Written by Frank van Drunen

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