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Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: Seventh - The Herald

Never have I listened to a more interesting and at the same time confusing mix of genres and musical styles put into a album. I can't really pinpoint a certain genre Seventh belongs to, as it uses a lot of different styles and genres of metal in this album. And the way the genres are mixed is sure to give you a great time while listening to the album.

The songs are varied in length but are generally about 6 minutes and even in the longer songs there is no feel of the song crammed with notes or riffs. The sound quality is great, all of the instruments are heard clearly, and even in some parts where is total chaos in the riffs present there, all of the instrumentation is clearly heard. The album has clean and harsh vocal, hard pounding riffs and clean guitar parts, heavy double bass and polyrhythmics and all of that makes the album a great listening treat.

Sometimes the crossing of the genres may be shocking or awkward, but considering all of the songs have this kind of structure it is not really that bad and it gives a unique twist in the album all together, and a new style of doing metal if I may say so.

In general I really liked this album, and would recommend it to anyone who is into weird genres of metal.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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