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Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: Ragdoll - Back To Zero

Ragdoll is a 3-pieced rock/hard rock band from Perth, Australia. This debut album was released on 6th of May.

This album starts off with the instrumental track "Back To Zero" that is a perfect opening for the next track "Shine" that immediately starts with the vocals, which rolls on with its sweeping groove. Is this track the calm before the storm on this album? By the track "The World You Gave Us" you groove from begin to end, with the vocals that come through and the guitar riffs. The middle part of this song lets you head banging for a moment. "Letting Go" is a fast paced song and again the vocals go perfectly with the song. The track "Save Me" is a more jazzy groove song, with a lot of swing. This is a track that you keep playing in repeat. "Kungfoolery" is the last track before the bonus tracks comes in. This track is full of nice guitar solos. The track "Rewind Your Mind" is a live track that sounds amazing on this album, because so you can hear his voice is even more great live.

This is a great rock/hard rock band from Australia. They know the right things to make an album to a success. If you love rock/hard rock this is a band for you, you won’t be disappointed.

Track list:
1. Back to zero
2. Shine
3. Playing god
4. The world you gave us
5. Rewind your mind
6. The last time
7. Letting go
8. Dreaming out loud
9. Save me
10. Love and run
11. Kungfoolery
Bonus tracks
12. All I want (single edit)
13. Rewind your mind ( live)

Written by Nathasja Voerman

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