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Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: Paradox - Pangea

Always the most underrated of the German thrash efforts, Paradox have nevertheless created some of the most enduring yet overlooked classics of the day when they first started back in the mid-80s, in fact celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut this very year. Still burning strong to this day, they now present their seventh full-length album on June 3, 2016 in Europe with a June 24 US release-date from AFM Records.

Much like their previous efforts, this here is basically set-up to feature their classic speed/thrash metal and churning power metal melodies into one raging mixture. Taking tight, crunchy patterns more influenced by the Bay Area style as in such phenomenal efforts as “Apophis,” “Manhunt” or “Alien Godz” with the occasional burst into a melodic mid-tempo chug from “Cheat & Pretend” or the title track, this here manages to spell out many of the band's trademark rhythms here and gives this a solid thrashing energy. Those are driven along by a rather frantic and impressive amount of technicality in the riff-work, especially “Raptor” and “The Raging Planet” which adds a superb amount of energy and dynamic bounce to the material alongside the excess melodies that makes for a soothing and utterly appealing mixture here that plays much like the band’s signature style from the very beginning. This is in fact so similar to their past work that it can feel quite similar and plays off so many of those familiar rhythms that it can slot in amongst its discography and get lost does manage to hold off its originality to a slight degree, as well as its few tracks that just seem like bland, slow-paced plodding efforts without anything really going on for them, but for the most part this one isn’t too bad.

For a band to remain as consistent and enjoyable as they’ve been from the beginning makes them one of the undervalued and overlooked heavyweights in the style with ease as this is another stellar addition to their discography and makes for a superb choice for thrashers in general, aficionados of the more classic metal sound or just those looking for good solid metal in general. 9.5/10

Written by Don Anelli

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