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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: Nervosa - Agony

While much can be made of the fact that this is an all-female trio, the far more pressing issue at hand is that this second full-length from Brazilian thrashers Nervosa rips and slays mightily regardless of its members gender. Releasing June 3, 2016 on Napalm Records, this effort positions them near the top of the class for the South American revival scene and perhaps the movement in general.

As expected for acts in this type of scene, the main focus for the majority of the album is the old-school Bay Area riff-work prominent on the songs which generates the same crunchy, tightly-wound rhythms that were present back then, coming off with the same fiery energy and drive here that makes that material all the more impressive for creating that same impact, especially such efforts as “Theory of Conspiracy,” “Intolerance Means War” and “Guerra Santa” being among the clear highlights for that type of effort. On the whole, though, the rhythms with this one give a far more mid-tempo vibe overall with a few touches off into the more brutal and blistering tempos that works nicely here adding a nice impact to the proceedings when they occur as it acts accordingly to the tempered rhythms being focused on by the majority of the tracks, especially in “Deception” and “Hostages” which work rather nicely despite clearly slowing down on the tempos. This though is clearly exacerbated by the fact that the album is slightly too long for its own good, featuring a few too many tracks here that serve the same purpose as each other so it really feels like it could’ve used a trim to knock off one or two to make for a tighter and less repetitive experience as that gets highlighted listening to three tracks in a row featuring the same effects for the most part.

Through no fault of the music itself and really only hurt by a feeling of overkill with too many tracks for its own good, there’s so much to like here as the group continues to harness it’s destructive old-school thrash sound that this ends up being of a solid, worthwhile choice for fans of the bands’ past or those looking for a solid retro-thrash experience. 8.5/10

Written by Don Anelli

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