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Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Necronomicon - Advent Of The Human God

Always one to move at their own pace, Canadian death/black metallers Necronomicon are certainly whipping out the goods at a far more rapid pace than usual as this now marks a three-year gap between records following a three-year gap which preceded a near-decade long one before that. The new time-table they’re utilizing is certainly working for them as their fifth full-length, out on March 18 from Season of Mist Records, is perhaps their best effort yet.

From the onset this here is set-up mostly around their dynamic mixture of blackened death metal that’s been at the forefront of their sound for so long. Tight tremolo riffing and frosty vocals make for a wholly appealing black metal surge throughout ‘The Golden Gods’ or ‘Unification of the Pillars,’ though the deep churning rhythms and sweeping blasting drum-work gives it a more death metal center much like ‘Crown of Thorns’ and ‘The Fjord.’ As well, there’s also the additional of grandiose symphonics on display here with the cinematic-sounding keyboards peppered throughout the tracks as well while not relying heavily on their usage at all, keeping them to select sections or omitted altogether which is a highly enjoyable status here which keeps this running along very well. It does run into overly-familiar territory a couple times over and does seem far too concerned with the usage of interludes breaking up the flow of some of the songs here, but for the most part the music stands out quite nicely and competently.

Though this one does tend to run into overly familiar patterns from their past and the frequent interludes can disrupt the flow somewhat, this is still a wholly strong and impactful collection of tracks that stands as their best effort yet and makes for an easy pick for fans of the band or this style as a whole. 9/10.

Written by Don Anelli


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