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Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: Misteyes - Creeping Time

Gothic metal, synthesizer backed metal with dark growls and high sopranos. Wasn’t that the nineties, a time where bands like Theatre of Tragedy, The Sins of Thy Beloved and everything that followed afterwards were booming? Yep, it was, but it is still present. The bands developed and moved on from the standard ‘beauty and the beast’ vocals or changed their style altogether.

Yet still new bands (re)discover the genre which is still an interesting one. Misteyes refers to their music as ‘Light and Dark Metal’. And while opposites attract, it is interesting to try and find new ways to make these shades of dark and light work together.

With the history of this style it is very hard not to look at the past. To me the music has a strong resemblance to what Trail of Tears used to produce around 2000, yet with less keyboards. Melodically most songs are strong and easy to connect with. Quickly I tap along with the rhythm and especially the more brutal parts are very addictive.

The album features quite a few guest performances. A Fragile Balance therefore has different, clean male vocals (Matia Casabona, Aspasia) that fit very well with the atmosphere. And yes, together with the subtitle (Awake the beast part1) it makes me think of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast...

Last song Winters Judgement features Eluveitie’s Nicole Ansperger on violin as a nice addition to the song. Although again it is hard not to compare this sound to the first Tristania album.

Basically one can say the album takes great parts of gothic metal history, adds some of their own elements and comes up with an album that is a nice addition to your album collection. There is a downside however. Denise Manzi’s vocals have a range, yes, but she sometimes overdoes it. When she reaches higher than she should it makes you wonder: Why?! Please do not to prove you can do highs, when it does not fit the music, or when it does not fit. Her voice is nice, but she sometimes pushes limits she should not push, for example in Lady Loneliness. Then again, it happens only so often. The band has nice potential, because the sound is well worked out, full of sound without being too bombastic. The male vocals are great, the female vocals would need some extra attention.

Written by Martijn Bakker

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