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Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Drakwald - Riven Earth

Folk-ish sounding types of metal music seem to have a particular effect on people as in most people do like it in one way or another, I personally like anything folk metal related with some Lord of the Rings vibe to it. Drakwald perfectly sums it in one album. Even the name Drakwald makes you think of a Norse mythology creature, and the album name Riven Earth does have a Middle Earth undertone to it.

All of the songs on the album have a distinct folk element in the sound, be it in the start or later in the song. A lot of the folk melodies are pleasant to the ear, as they draw a lot from the folk songs of Europe, and if you have ever heard or listened to Ensiferum you know what I am talking about. The band mixes the folk sounds with melodic death metal very well, yes you can hear the stark differences in the two section of the songs, but there are part when the folk sounds of the accordion or violin are combined with heavy distortion guitars and vocals to make a memorable riff or melody.

The band needs some work in the mixing of melodic death metal and folk parts into one coherent section as you do get a feeling sometimes that you are listening to one or the other, but apart from that I do not have other complaints on the album.

It is a great folk metal album, and maybe one day in the future the band can rival the success of Ensiferum. I give this album 8/10.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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