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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Review: Dangerego - Special Dreamer

Dangerego is a very interesting band from Italy that, however gaining some fame in Italy, has not yet really reached the European/international scene. The album Special Dreamer is set to make a difference in that, perhaps. The album that has been out for a while now and has certainly got some entertaining tunes, though has perhaps not yet matured enough for the versatility that could lie in the bandmembers’ skillsets. Overall though it is an easy and entertaining listen, hinting Audioslave, sometimes the serenity of Tool, yet the music could do with some progressive influences.

The guitars on this album are the driving force and for the most part do a great job. The solo’s aren’t all they make out to be. In fact it sometimes is a shame the groove of the songs is broken by the otherwise pretty catchy and groovy guitarwork that upholds the album. It is varied, swinging, going from smooth acoustics to sweeping and pretty grand rock ‘n roll sounds to a hint of metal here and there. The interesting and weird thing about the whole album is, however, that though it’s usually very groovy and all, the acoustic parts are usually even more interesting. The voice of Flavio Angelini is a great combination with the very well chosen acoustic sounds for the guitar, and if this kind of rock is anything for you these parts will really pull you in and you’ll have a blast listening to this.

For a band that hasn’t made it that big yet the overall sound is very mature and well thought out. As they describe themselves influenced by Alter Bridge, Audioslave etcetera, this genre really shines through in Dangerego. They are however not yet there; some songs really do sound alike and sometimes fail to get and keep attention.

The verdict cannot be too harsh though. At several points Dangerego shows great potential in creating an atmosphere in a song, which is overall a bit melancholic, but has a very potent power in it. One of the best examples of creating this atmosphere is in the song “Red Dawn”, where in contrary to most of their songs the bass is prominent and really pulls of a groove and drive in the couplets that slowly build into a pretty broad and epic distorted guitar riff.

The Italian background is, in contrary to some other bands from Italy, not really discernable. That is not a disadvantage perse; Dangerego has a very American sound, without getting tacky or unoriginal. It is, as said, a mature sound. In the end Special Dreamer is a nice, relaxed listen with some punch here and there, but most versatile in its sweeping ballads and acoustic sections. Not bad at all!

Written by Frank van Drunen

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