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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live review: Marduk, Immolation, Origin, Bio-Cancer at Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, May 13th 2016

On Friday the 13th, I (finally) went to see Marduk live, after years of being a fan. I was very excited about the support acts too, though unfortunately, due to the event starting quite early, I had to miss out on Bio-Cancer, whom I will not leave unrepresented in this review. Other support acts this evening were none other than death metal giants Immolation and brutal tech death quartet Origin. Let’s go!

Bio-Cancer is a 4-headed thrash beast hailing from Athens, Greece. Between their formation in 2010 and now, they have released 2 full-length albums, a split EP and a demo, so there might be a lot to expect from these guys in the future. The title of their first album pretty much says it all: ‘’Ear Piercing Thrash’’. With titles such as ‘’Spread the Cancer’’ and ‘’Tormenting the Innocent’’, Bio-Cancer makes sure you get your daily dose of violent lyrics, thrash riffage, and headbanging. Word has it they put on a hell of a show, so make sure you see them when they hit town! (Also, they have really cool merch!)

Second band of the evening was Origin. It was a very satisfying first encounter, I must say. Hadn’t heard of them before, but I immediately added some tracks to my playlist after the show. They had just started playing when I entered the venue, and the place was almost packed from front to back (though this isn’t a hard thing to achieve for a place such as Baroeg), but I made it through to the moshing area regardless. Not even 30 seconds into watching, I waste my first beer and I’m like ‘’yeah, fuck it’’ and surrendered to the sound of brutality. IT was a kickass show, in retrospect, a great fit for this night’s line up. Really impressive vocals, instrumentally it is what you would expect from a tech death band (and then some!), and basically (this is my general opinion on most death bands) they are even better live than they are on record, so check ‘em out!

Need I say more? Most death fans won’t need to be introduced to these New York death-veterans. As far as audience interaction goes, these guys put on the best show tonight. The singer/bass player is a big, mean looking, freakishly long haired machine when he’s playing, but when the sound fades, this guy really knows how to get the crowd on his side. You know what to expect from their generation of death bands: lots of deep grunting, blastbeats, shredding (especially shredding) and the works. Then add a touch of madness, and you end up with a live performance by Immolation! Very nice guitar work, by the way: unlike on the records, there was this eerie but reaaaaaaally nice effect that is guaranteed to provide eargasms, if you’re a fan of the axe in particular! The show’s highlight was most definitely their classic ‘’Burn with Jesus’’.

Now for tonight’s main course: Marduk. After 3 sets of bonecrushing death and thrash, it sure was time for some change, and man, it was powerful! As a first timer, this was everything I expected it to be. Marduk really delivers one hell of a set, bringing about the dark, ambient vibes of black metal combined with the speed and rage of death metal. As far as performance goes, and allow me to quote one of my favorite TV-characters here: ‘’NAILED IT!’’. By the end of Immolation’s set, I was getting pretty exhausted (and inebriated ;)) and so was the majority of the crowd right around where the pit should be, but when Marduk finally hit that first note, I was instantly re-energized and ready to go! No comments on the technical sides, really impressive vocal work, drums that’ll blow your head off, angry evil guitar sounds; loved it. A lot of crowd favorites were played (unfortunately not ‘’Christraping Black Metal’’), but you know they can’t finish a show without ‘’Souls for Belial’’ and ‘’Panzer Division Marduk’’, which were of course the show’s highlights. An experience I won’t soon forget, and you wouldn’t regret!

Written by Nino Milillo

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