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Friday, May 20, 2016

Live review: Heidevolk - Rhovanion at Bibelot, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, May 7th 2016

I've been a fan of Heidevolk for quite some years, and luck had it that they were playing 6 km from my home, so it would've been a shame if I didn't go!

The atmosphere was pretty nice and friendly, and everybody was pretty excited about the evening.


They put on a great show, good opening act. Unfortunately the PA had some trouble during some of their songs, and when it finally got fixed they started a pit where a guy ended up in the hospital. Kudos to them for stopping the music and only playing again when they found out that he's going to be alright!


Everybody was really excited to see this band, which isn't surprising, considering they were the headliner for this evening.

They had a really great intro that immediately grabbed your attention, so you couldn't look away. During their third song, Astara, the entire crowd turned loose!

What grabbed my attention was the fact that they needed to warm up a bit, but after that they introduced us to some new songs from their album, before playing some great classics and of course the drinking songs.

They also had some great crowd interaction, responding to the energy that we put out.

Halfway through the evening they turned their set into an acoustic set, which gave it a more intimate setting, before playing their song "Hulde aan de Kastelein" which is about thanking the bartender for his great service.

After this session they returned to their electric instruments, and played their hits like "Nehalennia" were everybody was singing along.

They had a great ending with "Vulgaris Magistralis" (Normaal cover).

I really liked the fact that they were having fun with the audience, messing around for a bit, joking.

Shows that what they're doing is a work of passion, not a job.

Overall, if you have the chance, I'd definitely recommend seeing them, even if you don't know the words or the language. Find a dutchie in the crowd and he'll fill you in ;)

Written by Gijs de Wolff

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