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Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: Wormed - Krighsu

After initially bursting onto the scene in the early 2000s, Spanish brutal/tech death masters Wormed laid dormant for a decade before finally offering their second blistering release. It’s been just a scant three years since that previous release, but this is still another overwhelming release that captures the insanity and blistering performances that once put them on the map in the first place and leaving this a strong contender for Album of the Year already.

Frankly, the album overall simply exudes the two genre terms Brutal and Technical Death Metal here in one of the most complete ways possible. Vice-tight riffing, pummeling, blasting drumming and utterly ferocious rhythm changes are the order of the day on nearly every single track here and the results are absolutely spectacular when viewed alongside the albums celestial tone which was a fine concept carried over from that preceding effort. It’s a fantastic mixture that is seemingly so well-suited to their mechanical blasting and groove-laden charge that it seems almost inconceivable not to have been a part of their style all along as such explosive efforts as “Pseudo-Horizon,” “Neomorph Mindkind” and “Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy” offer up the kind of wholly engaging attack full of their usual high-quality arrangements and truly frenzied speed-drenched arrangements. Other sections, from the more mid-tempo segments that focus more on technicality rather than brutality like “Agliptian Codex” and “A Life Omega Point” showcase of a sense of variety that’s exceptionally pleasing while “The Singularitarianism” interrupts it all for spacey, cosmic atmospherics that become gradually more present as the album continues on with its mechanical sense of brutality. It creates a truly fantastic feel here as the album whips through its paces incredibly well, displaying a wide sense of variety, impossibly pummeling performances and a strong sense of cohesion that makes for an engrossing experience.

This was just an overall blistering release containing nearly everything that a full-on fan of the band or brutal technical death metal will lap up instantly, not only making this one of the best albums in their already-stellar career but immediately earns it a top spot in the genre that will be hard to surpass. 10/10

Written by Don Anelli

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