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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Review: Rising - Oceans Into The Graves

Today I’ll be covering an upcoming release from the quite unknown Danish sludge/groove band ‘’Rising’’. Their new album is due at the end of April, but you can already find their first single off the 10 track album, which is named ‘’Old Jealousy’’. This is the band’s 2nd full-length since their formation in 2008, and to those of you who know them, you’re either gonna love this or hate this. For those of you who don’t, I suggest you look up some of their older work before or after you hear this, the difference is very distinct.

Personally, I’m not really a fan of this particular album ( I do dig their previous releases ). I was unpleasantly surprised by clean vocals, but this is really something you’ll have to compare to earlier work from ‘’Abominor’’ (2013) or ‘’To Solemn Ash’’ (2011). Rising used to have pretty good grunting. It wasn’t something new, but it was raw and in your face, as the instrumental part has always been, but now they have switched to a clean, pretty dramatic, almost power-metal like vocal sound, and I for one am not very excited about it.

The album opener is called ‘’All Dirt’’ and first thing I notice is that it’s not very fast, like I’m used to. It’s actually quite slow and boring to my taste. The sound still hits like a truck, but for some reason, I just think the guitars could’ve sounded better. Unfortunately for me, this feeling persisted throughout the entire album. The second track, ‘’Burn Me Black’’ wasn’t that bad though. There was no difference in sound instrumentally, but they picked up the pace and this was actually one out of 3 songs that worked, for my taste. The vocals in this song really fitted the music, but at this point, I’m still having trouble adapting to the new style. Next up is their single ‘’Old Jealousy’’, which in my opinion is the second best on the album, which is a very energetic song, with an entirely different mood to it. The pace is still quickening, the vocals are getting a bit darker, as well as the vibe that the music is giving off. There are some really good instrumental parts that show that these guys are not just another bland group of musicians. The last song I didn’t think was just ‘’mehhh’’ was ‘’Coward Heart’’, but it didn’t add any more spice to the mix, if you ask me. To me, most of the album just sounded the same, which I find a shame. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case listener. They have some neat work, if you want to find out what the rest of the tracks are like, make sure to give it a spin, as well as their old work. ( ‘’Vengeance is Timeless’’ is a really good one to begin with ).

It is with a heavy heart that I have to rate this album a 5/10. I’m still interested to see what happens next, though.

Written by Nino Milillo


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