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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Review: Murder Made God - Enslaved

Formerly known as Human Rejection, Greek brutal/technical death metallers Murder Made God are really on a roll as of late with this monumental opus. With ten blistering, swarming seeds of brutality and technically-challenging crushing all in their way, the stage is set for them to explode on the scene in a huge way with their second full-length, out on Comatose Music.

Putting on a clinic with insanely tight, challenging riff-work that drops through numerous tempo changes, rhythm deviations and even wholesale riff-qualities that whip and dive-bomb constantly here, it brings out a technically-complex assortment of attack here that gives this a strong variety on top of showcasing utterly pummeling work throughout here. Offering the chance to go for mid-tempo crushers loaded with chugging grooves and heavy-hitting breakdowns as in the phenomenal “The Titan, The Fighter and the Thief,” “Depression” or “Subject 666,” or searing blasts loaded with driving stuttering chords and mechanical drum-patterns full of blistering speed in highlights “Victims,” “A Morbid Institution” and “Urban Warfare,” this one tends to run the full gamut of extremity in the genre all the while utilizing utterly complex, challenging arrangements that run throughout the tracks here. The brutality of this kind of tight, raging material gives it an extra dose of extremity alongside all the technicality and varied dynamics featured within here, and overall there’s just so much to like about the attack here going.

An overall impressive and highly engaging effort here, there’s enough to work here that ends up giving this one a varied, dynamic attack that gives this plenty to like which makes this a solid choice for those who appreciate this destructive kind of death metal or fans of brutal, complex music that gets featured here. 9.5/10

Written by Don Anelli


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