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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Review: Khynn - Supersymmetry

Exiting opener: acoustic, yet haunting use of electronics build up to an explosion after the first minute. Basically one can say: Khynn stands for explosive, aggressive, yet melodic metal. The vocals vary from clean to harsh, halfway some deathgrunts are heard too!

After the volcano force of the first two songs, Tainted Impression and God in Hell, Black Circle gears back a bit, with more room for melody and a nice guitarsolo. And I must say, I love a clear and abrupt ending to a song!
Breath inside Me again shows the acoustic quality of the quartet, but now during the whole song. Female guest vocals complete the strong feel around this song.

Although Khynn is a French band, the music sounds very much inspired by American metal, some sort of metalcore mixed with deathmetal and space for more contemplative softer songs, that fit in well with the atmosphere of the whole album.

Living Time is the sort of song that could be a very good ‘rockballad’, lyrically referring to the cover of the album, with its clock with a person standing in the middle. The song is a really nice one, grabbing the listener by the throat. And just when you think it is over...the song blends beautifully into the next, the heavy Depersonalisation. The stillness of Living Time supports the heaviness of Depersonalisation.
There is a recognisable line in musical style, but some songs stand out, giving the album more depth than a ‘normal’ metal album. Shortest song A Wild Night is one of those beauties, feeding a spooky atmosphere, with haunting spoken word, supported by great background sound and some great explosions in emotion, both in sound and vocals. And here again, the way the one song ends and the next one begins is well thought about here. The softer finish of the song is actually a little interlude to the final song Into The Supersymmetry that starts with heavy guitar riffs, followed by melodic clean vocals. In my opinion this song is easily accessible for most people, maybe it could be a bit more sharp edged. The album ends with a short spoken word, grabbing back to the previous song and makes a nice ending to a nice album.

Written by Martijn Bakker

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